More people may be considering voting by post for the elections on the 6th of May this year. You can apply to vote by post as a one-off for a single election or for a longer period.

To get a postal vote

Firstly, check you are registered to vote. If you have changed your name, address, or nationality you need to up-date your voting registration. You can register or up-date online at with your National Insurance number. Alternatively, contact your local office.

Where is your local office?

Your local office is the Electoral Services Team at your local Council. You can find  contact details for your local office by searching with your postcode on the Electoral Commission webpage  under “where to send your form”. Alternatively ask your local council.

What are the deadlines for applying?

The deadline for registering and up-dating your registration to vote on the 6th of May is midnight on the 19th April 2021.

Your postal vote application must arrive at your local office by 5pm on 20th April.

How to apply

To apply for a postal vote, you need to download, print off,  fill in, and sign a form which can be found on the Electoral Commission website here: . Post it to your local office, or you may be able to scan it and email it. If you have changed address since you last applied for a postal vote, you will need to apply again.  If you require the form in an accessible format or can’t print it off, contact your local office.

When will the postal voting pack arrive?

A postal voting pack and postal ballot card will be sent out from the middle of April. If the postal ballot gets lost or spoilt, you can apply for a replacement in person at your local office up till 5pm on polling day.

How to return the postal vote

To return the postal vote, post it in good time to reach your local office by the 6th May. Or you can take it in person, or ask someone you trust to take it, to the polling station on polling day.

Completed postal votes must be returned by 10pm on polling day, 6th of May 2021.