It is Cytûn’s task to help the churches to worship together and to witness in the light of each other’s convictions. This work continues in worship and service. Please visit the churches’ websites to appreciate the breadth of their ongoing work. Wales’ churches and denominations are very active in a number of locations and fields of interest.

Category “A” MembersCategory “B” MembersTrustees / Directors
(A) All churches and denominations in Wales which subscribe to the Basis and have a spread of congregations in Wales and which have their own national organisation and ecclesial identity:


The Baptist Union of Wales

South Wales Baptist Association

The Methodist Church

The Church in Wales

The German Speaking Lutheran Church

The Salvation Army

The United Reformed Church

The Roman Catholic Church

The Union of Welsh Independents

The Congregational Federation

The Presbyterian Church of Wales

The Indian Orthodox Church
(link: St Mary’s Indian Orthodox Church, Bristol)

The Church of Pentecost – UK (Cardiff District)

Assemblies of God

Churches of God

(B) Those churches, which have a spread of congregations in Wales, and which on principle, have no creedal statements in their traditions and therefore cannot formally subscribe to the Basis, but which are committed to the aims and purposes of the Charity:

Religious Society of Friends

(A) Those churches, denominations and associations of churches … which either do not fully meet the requirements of Category A membership, or do not wish to take up the duties and privileges of Category A membership:


Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wales

Presbyterian Church of South Korea in Wales (no website)

Ethiopian Orthodox Church

(B) Agencies, associations of churches or ecumenical bodies:

Aelwyd Housing Association


Commission of the Covenanted Churches in Wales

Free Church Council of Wales

Children’s Society

Christian Aid

Embrace the Middle East

Through the Roof

Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Bible Society

Welsh Sunday School Council

Housing Justice

Safe Families

Home for Good

A Rocha (EcoChurch)

The Iraqi Christian Association in Wales

Churches’ Mutual Credit Union

Faith in Europe – The Churches’ European Relations Network

Parish Nursing Ministries UK

(C) Representatives of regional or local ecumenism:

Rev Jennie Hurd: The Methodist Church

Board Members 
Dawn Mason: The Congregational Federation

The Revd Judith Morris: The Baptist Union of Wales

Rt Revd Gregory Cameron: The Church in Wales

Rt Rev Peter Brignall: The Roman Catholic Church

(Vacancy): The Religious Society of Friends

Annette Després: The German Speaking Lutheran Synod

The Revd Cathy Gale: The Methodist Church

The Reverend Anna-Jane Evans: The Presbyterian Church of Wales

Lieut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts: The Salvation Army

Revd Martin Spain: United Reformed Church

Jacob George: Indian Orthodox Church

The Revd David K Okyere
(Resident Minister, Cardiff District)
The Church of Pentecost – UK

Revd Dyfrig Rees: The Union of Welsh Independents

Mr David Allen: The Churches of God