The Cytûn General Data Privacy Regulation Policy is under review, but we have a legitimate interest to store and share your information as part of the General Secretary appointment process. This statement outlines the way we intend to handle your data in relation to the Cytûn General Secretary appointments process:

  1. Your application form and associated information will be received electronically as an email attachment by the Cytûn Board Chair who will store it on a password protected Cytûn computer.
  2. Your application form will be circulated by email to the members of the appointment panel, and they will store it on password protected devices.
  3. The information on your application form will only be used by the appointment panel for the appointments process and will not be shared outside of the group during the appointments process.
  4. At the conclusion of the appointments process, the information will be deleted from all the personal computers and devices of the appointment panel members.
  5. Members of the appointment panel may print documents for use during the appointment process which will be kept securely during the process. Any printed documents will be shredded at the end of the process.
  6. The successful candidate’s application form, information and references will be stored on a password protected computer at the Cytûn office to be the basis of the new General Secretary’s personnel file.

Submission of a completed application form will be taken as an agreement that your personal data will be handled in this way.

Cytûn Human Resources Committee July 2022