Responsible to:

The Chair of the Board of Trustees

Responsible for:

  • the Administrator and Personal Assistant to the General Secretary
  • Faith Order and Witness Enabler
  • Policy Officer

Role Purpose

To provide a visionary lead for ecumenism and public engagement by the Churches of Wales, and to enable and carry forward the work programme and priorities set by the Cytun Board of Trustees in the service of the Churches.

Responsibilities and Related Functions:

1          Promoting Mission through Unity

  • promoting dialogue between the leaders of member churches of Cytûn
  • initiating and supporting programmes and schemes to strengthen inter-church engagement, by means of fostering closer relations with other churches and groups of churches and through informal meetings with other relevant bodies
  • by overseeing support for the Covenant for Union in Wales through the Commission for Covenanted Churches.
  • by supporting the Free Church Council
  • by helping the Churches to advance the commitments they have made and helping them to respond to people of different faiths

2          Encouraging Shared Church Life

  • meeting and consulting with Church Leaders and participating appropriately in the deliberations of their governing bodies
  • enabling the Churches and Denominations to promote shared responses and strategies, including those agreed with CTBI
  • supporting church agencies such as Christian Aid, CAFOD, etc

3          Enabling Cytûn to play its part in the public life of the nation

  • liaising with the Senedd, Welsh Government and others over Cytûn’s involvement in national services and celebrations
  • ensuring appropriate responses are made to initiatives from devolved and UK government

4          Governance and Management

  • Undertaking the role of chief executive and company secretary of Cytûn as a charitable company limited by guarantee
  1. Ensuring the Trustees are adequately resourced for the decisions they need to make
  2. Ensuring the Trustees’ decisions are properly implemented
  3. exercising overall management and co-ordination of the work of CYTÛN, financial control and supervision of staff
  4. ensuring the drafting of papers, reports, agendas for all CYTÛN meetings
  5. attending meetings of the board of CTBI and cooperating with CTBI
  6. to be responsible for the written and broadcast presentation of public statements.

5             Ensuring the representation of CYTÛN

  • on the Senedd’s Faith Communities Forum, and on the Inter-Faith Council for Wales
  • through the advocacy of the Churches and Denominations of Wales in the wider councils of the Church:

a) in Britain and Ireland,

b) the Council of European Churches (CEC) and meetings of General Secretaries of European National Councils of Churches, and

c) as a Delegated Representative to the World Council of Churches and an Ecumenical Advisor to meetings of its Central Committee

The Chief Executive may be asked to undertake other tasks than the above as may be agreed with the Board of Trustees.


37.5 a week


£44,158 per annum. 

All members of staff not in a pension scheme are encouraged to join the pension scheme offered by Cytûn.