The General Secretary will have the following attributes:

  • a vision and passion for ecumenism and mission
  • fluency in both English and Welsh
  • communication strengths to be used both within the Churches and in the wider society of Wales
  • administrative strengths
  • team leadership abilities

Assessment Methods

A = Application Form
I  = Interview
P = Presentation

AttributesEssentialDesirableAssessment Method
1. Education & trainingFormal education to degree level.   Demonstrate an understanding of the theological issues that face churches.   Proficiency in a range of IT applications such as Microsoft Office.  A theology degree. Further training or qualifications in ecumenism and /or management.    A Certificates     A
2. Relevant experience.Enthusiastic, committed Christian who is a member in good standing of a Church or Denomination recognised by CYTÛN/CTBI   Experience in inter -church relationships.   Successful communicator.   Possess and demonstrate broad management skills appropriate tovoluntary organizations and diffuse relationships, evidenced by effective working in a previous management role and including accountabilities for Finance & Human ResourcesLeadership roles in a member church.         Ability to organise keynote events.   Writing & delivering addresses to a range of audiences and media, including social media.A           A. I.     A. I. P.     A. I.
3. Special knowledge & skillsDemonstrate an awareness of the Church scene in its breadth and diversity in Wales and beyond, and an openness to differing theologies, ecclesiologies and perceptions of ecumenism   Demonstrate an awareness of other World Faiths   A creative and innovative thinker.   Ability to operate with different styles of worship.       Ability to communicate fluently in spoken and written Welsh and English.     Possess and provide evidence of excellent networking and facilitation skills  Knowledge of the bases of faith and order for the Churches in Wales. Produce material for worship including interfaith and civic/national occasions.   Be able to demonstrate the communications and adult education skills to shape different kinds of meeting and encounters.  I. P.                   A     A.I.     A           I           A
4. Special qualitiesTo be an enthusiast for mission & ecumenism with an ability to enthuse others.   Demonstrative ability as a Team Leader           Demonstrate a capacity to develop and manage individual workload   Ability to carry a project through to completion.            Willingness to work collaboratively & with empathy in a team setting & with other partners.A.I.         A.I.         A         A.I.
5. Other requirementsWillingness to travel widely, including abroad. Willingness to work some weekends and evenings.Holder of a current driving licence.A